Department of Pediatrics started  in 1970  and became a Medical College in 2002 under the leadership of Prof S. Chitralekha. Department of Pediatrics has training programmes for undergraduates and post graduates which include case discussions,  seminars,  symposium and public awareness programmes.

Presently we are having:-

  1. General Pediatrics
  2. Level 3 Neonatal Care : with facility for high frequency ventilation,  headed by Dr. Krishnakumar Diwakar.
  3. Developmental Pediatrics : Headed by Dr. M. C. Mathew,  Former Professor of CMC Vellore.
  4. Pediatric Surgery: Headed  by Dr. Korathu V Samuel
  5. Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology: Headed by Dr. Abraham Paulose.

Pediatric OP block is in Ist floor above the Front Office. Out Patient department on all days with 24 hour casualty service.


Department of Pediatrics started way back 1970 by Dr. K. C. Mammen ( Former Professor & HOD, CMC Vellore). In 2002 our hospital became Medical College under the leadership of Prof S. Chitralekha. Prof.S.Chitralekha retired on December 2015. Dr.Isac Mathai M,  is the current Head of the Department. Department of Pediatrics has training programmes for undergraduates and post graduates which include case discussions,  seminars,  symposium and public awareness programmes.


  • We started the PG course in 2011. Presently we are having three MD & two DCH seats per year and Super specialty (DM Neonatology – 2 seats).
  • Two MD seats have got recognition and one seat has got letter of permission to start in 2015.
  • Our DCH seats have waiting for recognition. Inspection for recognition had completed.
  • Undergraduate students (VI, VII& IX Semester) have regular clinical & theory classes.

Studies undergoing (2012-2016)

  1. National Rotavirus Hospital based Surveillance  and Impact evaluation
  2. Alliance for Surveillance of Invasive Pneumococi  (ASIP study)
  3. Comparative evaluation of immunogenicity of various schedules and delivery options to provide fractional Dose Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine in routine immunization in the post tOPV-bOPV period: A multi centric open label randomized controlled trial (India fractional dose IPV study)
  4. Teenage evaluation program project for assessing physical and psychosocial development - yearly evaluation – More than 1000 children of std IX & XI in Private & Government hospital in Kolenchery. – Dr. M. A. Mathew
  5. Study on feasibility of web-based disease reporting system – Kunnathunad Thaluk Ernakulam Dt -  using PDA – Dr.M.A.Mathew
  6. “Pattern of morbidity,  immunization and nutritional status for admissions in pediatric wards,  march 2010 – march 2011, MOSC medical college,  Kolenchery- Dr. Smitha  Kunjachan & Dr. Chitralekha. S ( Study completed in 2011)
  7. “Clinical and biochemical correlation of CSF CRP in acute bacterial and viral meningitis”- Dr. Sarath Chandara & Dr. M. A. Mathew (Study completed in 2011)
  8. “Clinical study of Kawasaki disease and incidence of coronary artery abnormalities in Kawasaki disease and to analyse whether early treatment with IVIG can prevent coronary artery abnormalities”.- Dr. Anuradha & Dr. Chitralekha. S
  9. “To study the prevalence of obesity among school children and to assess its risk factors. Dr. Robin Joseph Abraham &  Dr. Isac Mathai
  10. A comparison of safety and efficacy of intranasal midazolam with intravenous lorazepem in acute seizures in infants and children – A randomized control study – Dr.Kingini  Bhadran & Dr. Chitralekha. S
  11. Prevalence of prehypertension or hypertension in relation to obesity / overweight in adolescent school children.- Dr. Manu. Rajan Idicula & Dr. M. A. Mathew
  12. “ Prevalence of anemia  among 6 months to 5 years old children admitted in Pediatric department and association with age gender,  nutritional status  and dietary habits”  - Dr. Shyama Manoj & Dr. Isac Mathai M
  13. “Vitamin D status in healthy exclusively breast term infants till 4 months of age in Kolenchery”  - Dr. Anju Sarah Thomas & Dr. George Noble
  14. “Peak expiratory flow rate values in healthy school going children between 8 to 12 years in Ernakulam district” – Dr. Jomon M John & Dr. Isac Mathai M
  15. Benign epilepsy of childhood with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS)- Clinical Profile,  Problems in scholastic Performance and electro encephalographic characteristics – Dr. Dileesh K.S & Dr. Mathew
  16. Validity of urine microscopy and urine dipstick in rapidly diagnosing UTI – Dr. Basil Joseph & Dr. M. A. Mathew
  17. Role of serum sodium levels in recurrence and recurrent episodes of febrile seizures- Dr. Sara Benny & Dr. Isac Mathai M
  18. A study on proportion of anaemia among adolescents in a tertiary care hospital – Dr.Sachin Mathew Jose & Dr. M. A. Mathew
  19. Microbial Profile and culture & sensitivity pattern in otitis media – Dr. Biny B and Dr. Deepa T Unnikrishnan
  20. Use of reagents strip in rapid dead side analysis of CSF for the diagnosis of acute meningitis – A cross sectional study in central Kerala - Dr. Hanna Angel Meleth & Dr. Isac Mathai M


  1. Burden of Rotavirus Diarrhea among Children Less than 5 Years in Kerala,  South India. (Dr. M. A. Mathew, Dr. Abraham Paulose,  Dr. S. Chitralekha, Dr. M. K. C Nair, Dr.Gagandeep Kang & Dr. Paul Kilgore) – Indian Pediatrics 2014.
  2. Leveraging the national rotavirus  surveillance network for monitoring intussusceptions- (Dr. M. A. Mathew, Dr. Sreenivasan, Dr. Reshmi Arora & Dr.Gagandeep Kang)- Indian Pediatrics, July 2016
  3. The Association of Obesity and Blood Pressure in Children Studying in Schools in a Rural Area(Rhea Anna Kurian, John Thomas C, Anna Mathew, Saravanakumar Veluswamy)   - Journal of Medical Sciences and Clinical Research 2015 (E Journal)

Posters presented in National and International conferences

  1.  “Burden of Rotavirus Diarrhea among Children Less than 5 Years in Kerala” on 11th International conference on Rotavirus held on 3rd to 5th September 2014 at  Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi  and also attending the 2nd annual review meeting of National  Rotavirus Surveillance network on 2nd September at ICMR head quarters New Delhi.
  2. “Pilot study of automated surveillance to measure the burden of   Rotavirus” on 26th International Paediatric association Congress in South Africa, August 4th to 9th, 2010. Presented  by Dr. M. A. Mathew.
  3. Paper presentation at the 48th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (Pedicon - 2011) held from January 21st – 23rd  2011at Jaipur. Two papers presented.  Presented by Dr.M.A.Mathew & Dr.Abraham Paulose
  4. Poster session - “Hospital Infection control processes assessment for standardization, Ernakulam, India” Dr. M. A. Mathew,  Dr, Abraham  Paulose, Dr. Chitralekha on 26th International Paediatric association Congress in South Africa from August 4th to 9th, 2010.
  5. “Reemergencies of pertussis in Ernakulam district, Kerala”- Dr,Abraham Paulose, Dr.M.A.Mathew , Dr.Chitralekha. Poster presentation at IAP National conference at Jaipur, 2011.
  6. “Efficiency of oral steroid in acute virus induced wheeze in preschool children”. Dr. Abraham Paulose, Dr. M. A. Mathew, Dr. Isac Mathai, Dr.Chitralekha. Presented at IAP National conference at Jaipur, 2011
  7. Handheld computers as field surveillance tools in India. Experience from a Pilot Study of Rotavirus Surveillance in Ernakulam, Kerala state, India. Dr. S. A. Kim, Dr. M. A. Mathew, Dr. Abraham Paulose, Dr. M. K. C.Nair are presented at the 29th Annual meeting of the European Society for Pediatrics Infectious diseases, the Hague, The Netherlands , 7th of June 2011.
  8. 7.  Clinical utility of antibiograms for invasal  pneumococcal infection Dr.Abraham Paulose, Dr.M.A.Mathew, Dr.Isac Mathai, Dr.Chitralekha.
  9.  8.    Cardiovascular complications of Kawasaki disease in South India, Kerala- Dr.Abraham Paulose, Dr.M.A.Mathew, Dr.Isac Mathai, Dr.Chitralekha.
  10. Incidence of Rotavirus in South India - Dr.M.A.Mathew presented in the International Pediatric Congress at Vancover on 13th August 2016 .


3rd place in Indian Academy of Pediatrics  undergraduate quiz 2016 (Regional round)


VISION:-  Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church,  Pediatric department will be the premier regional pediatric centre in Central & South Kerala offering the most comprehensive pediatric care services available and to be recognized in research and for providing advanced education and training of clinicians.

MISSION:- “We provide hope, healing and the best health care for children  and their families through compassion , expertise, innovation and a commitment to excellence”.
Our founding promise to the community is as valid today as it was before.



  • 60 bed General ward and adequate number of paywards.
  • 6 Bedded Pediatric ICU + 4 Bedded Step down ICU
  • Ventilator Service (2)

Capable of handling all pediatric emergencies with support and care of super specialist (Cardiology,  Neurology,  Nephrology,  Urology Pediatric Surgery and Gastro enterology).

Cardiology Clinic     Once a week (Monday)    - 12.30 to1.30pm
Pediatric Nephrology   Bi-monthly(Tuesdays)  - 12.30 to 1.30pm
Pediatric & Adolescent    
  Endocrinology Clinic Twice a week (Wed/ Friday) -12.30 to 4.30pm
  Diabetes clini Second Saturdays
  Thyroid clinic 4th Friday
  Obesity clinic 2nd Monday
Pediatric Haematology clinic   Bi-monthly (Thursday) 12.30 to 1.30pm
Pediatric Gestro (Diarrohea)   Once a week (Friday)- 12.30 to 1.30pm
Neuro Development clinic   Once a week (Tuesday)    - 2.00 to 3.00pm
High risk newborn & Well baby clinic
  Once a week (Saturday) 12.30to 1.30pm
Pediatric Asthma   Once a week (Wednesday)-
2.00to 3.00pm
Immunization clinic   Daily