There are mainly 3 divisions under Pathology,  namely

  • Histopathology,
  • Haematology and
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Cytology.

Transfusion Medicine Department (Blood Bank) is also managed by  Pathology Department.

Histopathology section is having facilities for biopsy reporting with immunohistochemistry and  cytochemical stains.

Cytology Section carries out FNAC from 9AM to 4PM.  Apart from this, fluid cytology, sputum Cytology, Pap smear and Barr body examination are done.

Haematology and Clinical Pathology is a round the clock laboratory with the following investigations being carried out on a routine basis : 

1. CBC - (Hb, TC, DC, Platelet, RBC indices, RDW) - Computerised report is given using fully automated cell counters

2. Peripheral Smear & Bone Marrow Examination including Cytochemical stains

3. Malarial Parasite

5. Kleihauer test for Fetal Hb

6. Reticulocyte Count

7. Absolute Eosinophil Count

8. Osmotic Fragility Test

9. Sickling Test

10. ESR -automated

11. Bleeding Time

12. Clotting Time

13. Urine – RUE, Acetone, Bile salt, Urobilinogen, Bence Jone Protein

14. Stool – Routine examination including Ova & Parasites, occult blood