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Human Resources – The Strength

“Healthcare industry in India employs over four million people and is the largest service sector in the economy of our nation, which offers challenging opportunities”.
M.O.S.C. Medical Mission Group of Institutions is an organization having around 1500 staff including Nurses, Paramedical, Teaching and administrative categories who are under direct employment. Apart, we do have around 200 doctors/teaching faculties working in various clinical, para / pre-clinical, super-specialty and teaching departments.

H.R. Mission

We are concerned about people as well as their growth & development M.O.S.C. Medical Mission nurture its people with compassion, building a work place & culture, which fosters personal and professional growth and inspire initiative & intrinsic motivation among our human resources. “Liberty & freedom to explore & learn is our mission”. We believe that people must dream to achieve and build capacity to drive the institution to the next level of excellence.

Core Values

Our H.R. core values are due recognition for superior performance, work environment of trust & pride, transparency & accountability, opportunity to balance professional & personal life and continuous employee development. We aim to utilize people’s skills, talents and abilities to deliver high quality health care and services to patients. We ensure that right people are there at the right job and see to it that they are able to meet their own needs and the Institutions’. ’We nourish each individual’s capabilities and competencies to achieve individuals and organizational effectiveness. We believe in continues up-gradations, hence learning is a continuous process to help the people and improve their thinking pattern resulting in behavioral and attitudinal modulation to adapt to the changing environment. At M.O.S.C Medical Mission, every endeavor is made to align each individual’s goals to the organizational goals. Every member of M.O.S.C Medical Mission Family works in unison to realize our mission & vision. We wish to create a spirit of team work among all our associates and a culture of excellence in the work place.

H.R. Functions for the Group

Human Resources Department is responsible for H.R. planning, sourcing & maintenance, H.R. administration, compensation & reward, employee recognition, discipline, induction, training & development, talent acquisition, employee engagements, staff welfare, performance evaluation and management, counseling, labour legal matters, industrial relations, leave & attendance, employee’s documents and records, exit & settlements, staff utilization & re-allocation, productivity management, wage & salary administration, management of third party contract/work out sourcing, statutory compliance and follow- up, payroll management, employee grievances handling, staff communication, employ relations by constant evaluation and monitoring, building capacity among the people and developing an appropriate H.R. policy for the organization. We have a continues and regular Training and Development Section under the HR Department to supplement and materialize our HR Policy and Vision.

“By constant evaluation and monitoring, building capacity among the people and develop talents by recognizing the employees” is our HR policy.

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