General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery was started in our hospital in the year 1970. After the starting of the Medical College in the year 2002, the department has been showing a phenomenal growth.

At the inception of Medical College since 2002 Dr. Nirmalan Raja K.C took charge as the HOD of General Surgery and this  department was served by eminent professors like Dr. Reghu L,  Dr. Satish G. Prabhu,  Dr. Philip K.K,  Dr. Gurudas N, Dr. B. Kanakambaran.

The Department of General Surgery has matured into a recognised post graduate training centre of The Medical Council of India. The faculty has been taking active role in the teaching and training of the graduates and the post graduates. Members of our faculty have to their credit papers presented in the national and international surgical conferences. The faculty has been involved in conducting research and publishing papers.

The department is actively involved in the training of MBBS students. Regular clinics as well as theory classes are held for these students. In addition to this,  as part of the CRRI programme,  training is imparted to the interns on patient care as well as bed side / operation theatre procedures.

The General Surgery Department of this tertiary care centre possesses qualified personnel and  all the modern equipments required for the major,  complicated,  critical and referred surgical patient. The State of the art equipments available include,  laparoscopic surgical unit (karl storz, Germany) harmonic scalpel (Johnson & Johnson,  USA)  UPPER GI endoscope and colonoscope (Pentax,  USA) etc.
Minimal access surgery is a key word in the field of surgery today. Our Department is regularly performing minimal access surgical procedures, both basic as well as advanced. Procedures being routinely done here include laparoscopic cholecystectomy,  laparoscopic appendicectomy,  laparoscopic adhesiolysis,  diagnostic laparoscopy as well as advanced procedures like laparoscopic hernia repair and laparoscopic hemicolectomy.

The surgery department has been doing all major gastrointestinal surgical work with extremely good results and at very affordable and patient friendly rates. Diabetic foot is another area where the department is doing tremendous amount of work with a significant percentage of successful and useful limb salvage.

The Surgery department has been giving excellent surgery care to patients suffering from malignancies. All the units are performing curative palliative surgeries. We attend to patients of head and neck malignancy,  breast,  GI & Other general surgical malignancies. We work together with  excellent Pathology and Oncology Departments.

We reach out to the patients in the periphery through various camps organized by the department of Community Medicine of our hospital. The department has been regularly taking part in the multidisciplinary medical camps organized by NSS and other organizations.


 Vision & Mission
The newly set up Skills Lab is great asset to teach and train students,  PGs and Junior surgeons. Our department is establishing into the various surgical sub specialties namely Breast,  Endocrine,  Upper GI,  Colorectal,  Diabetic foot and Wound management, giving quality professional care,  patient and community education and service.


The Dept of General Surgery has been attending to emergency and regular patients mostly from the districts of Ernakulam,  Idukki and Kottayam. It has progressively developed into a tertiary care provider and it has been also imparting medical education and training to both the undergraduates and the post graduates besides the regular batches of the nursing students.
The department functions as four units with different units conducting OPDs and elective surgeries on all days of the week except Sundays. In addition to the regular work in the department,  doctors are available for special consultation at the Faculty Block of the OPD.

  • Outpatient services:-

Each unit has 2 outpatient days per week and the consultation starts at 9.00am. All the patients present in the OPD are attended to. Advance booking and telephone booking are available. Special OPD days are run 6 days a week till 7.00pm to cater to the needs of the office going population.

  • Inpatient services:-

Besides separate male and female general wards a variety of private wards are set apart with trained nursing personal to ensure quality care for surgical patients.
We are equipped with the state of the art fourth generation CT scan,  MRI scan,  ultrasound machines and other radiological investigative modalities. We also get the expertise from the departments of Nephrology,  Urology, Gastroenterology,  Anaesthesia and Critical Care Services, Orthopaedics,  Cardiology,  Cardiothoracic surgery,  Gynaecology,  Oral & Maxillofacial surgery,  Plastic surgery and Micro Vascular & Reconstructive Surgery.

  • Surgical ICU:-

We have a 14 bedded surgical ICU with trained and dedicated nursing personnel for management of critically ill surgical patients. This surgical ICU is furnished with pulse oximeters,  monitors,  surgical ventilators and trained dedicated nursing personnel. Surgical ICU is manned by doctors round the clock.

  • Emergency Service:-

Round the clock emergency service is provided in all surgical specialties. The emergency service is provided by the Emergency Surgical On-Call team which includes a Professor,  Associate Professor,  Assistant Professor,  Surgical trainee,  Tutor and house surgeons. We preach and practice the ideology that treatment delayed is treatment denied and hence every effort is taken to deliver expert treatment in time with care with kindness.
Due to the close proximity of our teaching hospital to the NH – 49 and its reputation as a reliable polytrauma care destination,  polytrauma cases come upto a significant percentage of the total number of patients treated. The department regularly deals with cases of major liver,  splenic or intestinal injuries,  thoracic injuries etc. With a dedicated surgical ICU,  component blood bank and an active anesthesia team always at hand,  the surgical care of these patients has reached new heights of perfection.

  • Surgical Step down ICU:-

Patients who need more than ward care but less than the intensive care in the surgical ICU are attended by the surgical nursing staff in ‘Step down ICU’. We have 12 beds for this arrangement.