Dr. Sreeja Sreekumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sreeja Sreekumar Assistant Professor MBBS, MD Psychiatry 9 + years of experience

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Best Paper Award – World Association of Social Psychiatry conference held in Kochi December 2018Sreekumar S,Subhalakshmi TP, Varghese PJ.Viola- A rare presentation of schizophrenia. Kerala Journal of Psychiatry.2016;29(1):44-6.


  1. Sreekumar S, Subhalakshmi TP, Varghese PJ. Factors associated with resilience in wives of individuals with alcohol dependence syndrome. Indian J Psychiatry.2016;58(3):307-10.


  1. Selvin AE, Sreekumar S, Varghese PJ. Attitude towards drug adherence in inpatients withbipolar affective disorder: a cross-sectional study.Kerala Journal of Psychiatry 2021;34(1):


  1. Menon V, Mani AM, Kurian N, Sahadevan S, Sreekumar S,et.al.Newspaper reporting of suicide news in a high suicide burden state in India: Is it complaint with international reporting guidelines?Asian Journal of Psychiatry,60 (2021), 102647


  1. Attitude towards mental illness among doctors working in a tertiary care Centre: A cross sectional study.Neeraja N Varma, Dr. Sreeja Sreekumar,Dr. Joseph Varghese P. KeralaJournal of Psychiatry.


  1. Bifrontal dysfunction in Covid 19 infection – A case report.

Dr. Cyriac P.Joy, Dr. Sreeja Sreekumar.Global Journal for Research Analysis – June 2023

Life ordinary member – Indian Psychiatric Society

Life member – Indian Medical Association

Life member – Indian Association of Social Psychiatry


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