Orthopaedic surgery department has established itself as centre of excellence in trauma management. Orthopaedic services are provided round the clock along with emergency surgeries. In addition to management of fractures and joint injuries,  elective surgical procedures like ACL reconstruction,  Joint replacement,  deformity correction are undertaken.

The department was under the able leadership of Dr. Paulose Chacko in the 1970s and 80s. At a time when Joint replacement and Scoliosis surgeries were unheard of,  these were undertaken in the department.
When the medical college was established Prof. Achan Alex who retired from Trivandrum medical college took over as the HOD. Dr.Johny  T P has been working in the department since early 1980s.  Dr.Cherian John who recently retired played an active role in the development of the department. Prof Mathew Abraham who completed his Mch from Liverpool took over as the HOD from March 2016.


To elevate the Trauma and Emergency Services to a Level - 1 Trauma Centre

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