Neuro Surgery

The department of Neurology is the first to possess a CT scan in the state,  first to do spinal stereo tactic procedures in the country and the first to do endoscopy assisted spinal surgery in the state. The department has the ability to tackle all types of brain tumors,  cerebro vascular diseases,  including aneurisms and AVMs and a wide range of spinal pathologies extending from cranio vertebral junction to lumbosacral region. The department has an enviable faculty for the management of brain and Spinal cord injuries. The areas of special interest include epilepsy,  cerebro vascular accidents,  brain and spine injuries,  headache,  back and neck pain,  movement disorders,  brain and spinal tumors and skull base surgeries.

In the year 2008,  Neuro medicine,  Neuro surgery & Neuro radiology was synchronized to form a separate unit known as KIND (KOLENCHERY INSTITUTE OF NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES). The department features quality equipment for advanced Neuro surgeries and 42 bed Intensive Care Unit,  in-house 64 slice CT Scan,  MRI Scan and a Cath Lab providing answer to many Neurological problems.


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