General Surgery

The General Surgery Department of this tertiary care centre possesses qualified personnel and  all the modern equipments required for the major, complicated, critical and referred surgical patient. The State of the art equipments available include, laparoscopic surgical unit (karl storz, Germany), harmonic scalpel (Johnson & Johnson, USA), UPPER GI endoscope and colonoscope (Pentax, USA) etc.

Minimal access surgery is a key word in the field of surgery today. Our Department is regularly performing minimal access surgical procedures, both basic as well as advanced. Procedures being routinely done here include laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic appendicectomy, laparoscopic adhesiolysis, diagnostic laparoscopy as well as advanced procedures like laparoscopic hernia repair and laparoscopic hemicolectomy.

The surgery department has been doing all major gastrointestinal surgical work with extremely good results and at very affordable and patient friendly rates. Diabetic foot is another area where the department is doing tremendous amount of work with a significant percentage of successful and useful limb salvage.

The Surgery department has been giving excellent surgery care to patients suffering from malignancies. All the units are performing curative palliative surgeries. We attend to patients of head and neck malignancy, breast, GI & Other general surgical malignancies. We work together with  excellent Pathology and Oncology Departments.


Our Treatments

Peripheral out reach:-

We reach out to the patients in the periphery through various camps organized by the department of Community Medicine of our hospital.

The department has been regularly taking part in the multidisciplinary medical camps organized by NSS and other organizations.

Our Facilities

Outpatient services

Each unit has 2 outpatient days per week and the consultation starts at 9.00am. All the patients present in the OPD are attended to. Advance booking and telephone booking are available. Special OPD days are run 6 days a week till 7.00pm to cater to the needs of the office going population.

Surgical ICU

We have a 14 bedded surgical ICU with trained and dedicated nursing personnel for management of critically ill surgical patients. This surgical ICU is furnished with pulse oximeters, monitors, surgical ventilators and trained dedicated nursing personnel. Surgical ICU is manned by doctors round the clock.

Surgical Step down ICU

Patients who need more than ward care but less than the intensive care in the surgical ICU are attended by the surgical nursing staff in ‘Step down ICU’. We have 12 beds for this arrangement.

Meet Our Doctors

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