Otorhinolaryngology or popularly known as ENT,  deals with the diseases of Ear,  Nose and throat including head and neck. MOSC Medical College and Hospital has well established ENT department with an excellent team of surgeons.


Department History
           The department of Otorhinolaryngology came into existence in 1976 under the guidance of Dr. K. C. Kurian and since then,  it has flourished in the proficiency it is known for. Since 2002,  the department serves as a part of MOSC Medical College. Now the department under the holistic leadership of Dr. Sajeev George M,  Professor and HOD with the help of other dedicated faculties has scaled up many heights.


News and Events

  • Another laudable achievement from the department is the organization of SISICON conference in 2006 with active participation from renowned National and International faculty.
  • Thus the Department Of Otorhinolaryngology,  MOSC Medical College Hospital,  within its badge of excellence and compassion continues on its mission of improving the quality of millions of lives.

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