ENT outpatient  services are offered from  9am to  5 pm every day except on Sundays along with 24 x 7 emergency ENT casualty service  by the duty ENT Consultant & House surgeon. Specialty clinics for vertigo,  head and neck,  speech and voice,  allergy and headache have been providing more specific and holistic care for the needy patients. The department has a fully functioning audiology and speech center providing audiometry,  impedence,  OAE (Otto Acoustic Emission) screening,  hearing aid trials,  speech and voice therapy including BERA.
              The department enthusiastically has been conducting ENT camps with the support of CBM (Christoffer Blinden Mission) from 2003 to 2014 and then hence forth by support from CVJ (C.V.Jacob) foundation. Many a life has been changed through these camps by providing ENT surgeries and hearing aids at affordable and charitable rates.
             The department theatre takes pride in having two state of the art,  Zesis operating microscopes,  Stryker microdebrider and mastoid drill,  HD camera with high definition monitors,  nasal endoscopes and FOL (Fibro Optic Laryngoscopy). Recently installed Diode Laser is first of its kind in Kerala. All ENT,  Head and Neck Surgeries,  Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries (FESS), LASER assisted surgeries are performed by the experienced team of Consultants in association with experienced Anesthesiologist.

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