Child Neurology and Developmental Paediatrics


Developmental Paediatrics is a specialty which brings together the disciplines of Developmental Neurology, Developmental Morphology, Developmental Physiology, Developmental Psychology and Developmental Therapy. This field is an emerging academic sub- specialty of Paediatrics rendering services to children who have cognitive challenges, learning needs, behavioral difficulties, communication dysfunction, central motor dysfunction, sensory motor developmental needs etc.

Child Neurology focuses on all aspects of the developing nervous system in children and offers diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative support for children who have neurological disorders.


Dr. M.C. Mathew, the retired founder Professor Head of Developmental Paediatrics at CMC, Vellore was invited by Dr. Sojan Iype, Medical Superintendent to establish a specialty department of Developmental Paediatrics and Child Neurology in MOSC Medical College and Hospital, Kolenchery. Dr. K.C. Mammen, the founder Medical Director spoke to Mr. Joy P Jacob, the CEO and Secretary of the hospital about setting up the department. That is how the department came into being on the hospital founding day, 14th September 2012.

The department started with three members in the team. Overtime, we have expanded our services in response to the needs of the families in our locality. Now, we have a team of professionals offering Neuro- developmental consultation, Neuro- developmental assessment, Neuro- developmental monitoring and surveillance and Distance developmental monitoring for children from birth to 18 years.

We conduct research activities for students and faculty who are interested in Child Development. We organize teaching programs and workshops in hospitals, schools and colleges.
The department supported the efforts of Bangalore Baptist Hospital to commence a Child Development Centre in 2019.



  • Developmental Neurologist
  • Developmental Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Counselor
  • Office Secretary
  • Support staff



The department is an activity of MOSC MCH, Kolenchery and receives support from ASHIRVAD Christian Concern for Child Care, Synthite Group of Companies, CMC Vellore and other well-wishers.

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To enable parents to envision for the optimum potential for their child and to work towards achieving it.


Our calling is in “taking sides” of children who have neurodevelopmental needs and to enable parents to receive their child as a ‘Gift of God’.

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