• Adult psychiatry
  • Neuropsychiatric clinic for elderly
  • Services for Child/Adolescent psychiatric / psychological problems
  • Substance abuse management (De-addiction Services)
  • Consultation Liaison psychiatry
  • Clinic for senile disorder
  • Community Psychiatry
  • Psycho Motor clinic
  • Memory clinic
  • Family Counselling
  • 24 hours helpline (No. 1800425 2445)
  • 24 hrs casualty services (Emergency psychiatry services)
  • Outpatient services: Out- patient consultation services are available on all days except Sundays and hospital holidays.  
  • Inpatient facilities: The modern comprehensive and combined treatment of Pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and occupational therapy is provided to patients. Fully equipped and spacious general ward and well furnished private rooms are available.
  • Psychological testing:

               i. Intelligence (IQ test)
               ii. Learning disability
               iii. Neuropsychological tests
               iv. Personality tests
               v. Projective tests
               vi. Aptitude tests
               vii. Diagnostic psychometry

  • Psycho- social interventions:

               i. Psycho-education
               ii. Counseling services
               iii. Psychotherapy
               iv. Family/couple therapy
               v. Sex therapy
               vi. Occupational therapy
               vii. Bio-feed back

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