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  • Lingual frenectomy using multiple series Z-plasties a case report  journal of maxillofacial surgery june, 2010
  • Recurrent ranula and complications associated with surgical management a case report kerala journal of maxillofacial surgery September, 2012
  • Penile replantation a case report indian journal of plastic surgery January, 2013
  • Simultaneous nose lip revision and alveolar bone grafting for correction of secondary unilateral cleft lip and palate deformity . Pakistan journal of plastic surgery . November ,2013
  • Palmar arch reconstruction using dorsal venous arch of foot for revascularization of multiple digits indian journal of plastic surgery april, 2014
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  • Management of pleomorphic adenoma by superficial parotidectomy, dentalight 2014
  • An aberrant lipoma – a case report  dentalight2014
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  • Benign spindle cell tumour of mandible and points of modification in reconstruction with non vascularized iliac crest graft maxillofac Oral surg 2015
  • Sinonasal sarcoidosis of the maxillary sinus and infraorbital nerve, a case report  j Korean assoc oralmaxillofac surg 2015
  • Aggressive dentigerous cyst in the maxillary sinus orginating fromn ectopically erupted maxillary third molar : a cas report  egypt
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  • Tongue flap treatment of oronasal fistula in cleft palate; a case series  Pakistan journal of plastic surgery 2015

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