De-addiction Center


The department also runs a de-addiction centre for patients with substance use disorder since 1994.  It is sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. Currently Mr. Francis Moothedan is the Project Director of the De-addiction Centre.



Primary Prevention

  • Awareness programmes in schools, colleges and for the public
  • Seminars and workshops for the public and professionals
  • Observance of International Day against drug abuse and World No Tobacco Day
  • Conducts Essay, Drawing, Cartoon, Quiz competitionsamong school – college students and the public
  • Conducts exhibitions on the evils of substance abuseand HIV/AIDS for the public

Secondary Prevention

  • Outpatient treatment care

                  a. Consultation with the psychiatrists

                  b. Counselling (Individual and Family/Marital)

                  c. Classes/ Self help group meetings (A A/ N A)

  •  Inpatient care and treatment

                  a. Detoxification

                  b. Medical treatment     

                  c. Treatment for other related illness   

                  d. Psycho-social management

                        -    Psychological testing and assessment

  • Counselling (Individual, family/marital and group counselling)
  • Psychotherapy and behavioural therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Educational programmes

Tertiary prevention

  • Follow-up medical review
  • Follow-up counselling
  • Follow-up home visits
  • Follow-up letters
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • AA/NA meetings
  • Al-anon -Al-ateen meetings
  • Vocational counselling for job placement, self employment etc.


Smoke Quit Clinic

The centre also provides special medication and psycho-social treatment to the clients with tobacco dependence.

The department offers post graduate degree and diploma courses (MD and DPM) in psychiatry. The department also provides academic and clinical training to M.B.B.S, B Sc Nursing, Post Basic B. Sc Nursing and General Nursing students. In addition, training is also imparted to Social Work, Sociology, Psychology and Nursing students from other universities/colleges.

MBBS students are taught the basics of Psychiatry including psychiatric case presentation in their 4th semester and theory lecture classes are taken for the 6th semester students every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.


Ongoing Projects and Research

  • A cross sectional study on the prevalence of anxiety and depression and determinants of quality of life in women with polycystic ovarian disease attending a tertiary care teaching hospital.
  • A cross sectional study on prevalence and clinical and biochemical predictors of delirium tremens in patients with alcohol dependence syndrome in a tertiary care centre.
  • A cross sectional study of prevalence and correlates of sexual dysfunction in male subjects with alcohol dependence
  • A cross sectional study on association between stressful life events and relapse among individuals with Bipolar Affective Disorder.

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